Arctic Creek Lodge & Tours

Location:  The lodge is located deep in the mountains of the Frank Church Wilderness of No Return along the banks of the wild scenic Salmon River.  Jet boating the river is the only way in to this private retreat.  The Frank Church, River Of No Return Wilderness Area is a protected area created in 1980 by the United States Congress.  This is within the boundaries of that as well as in the property the Payette National Forest approximately  halfway between Salmon and Riggins, Idaho.   The Salmon River corridor is known for the variety of landscapes visible from the river; wooded ridges rising to the sky, huge eroded monuments and bluffs and slides, picturesque castles and towers, and solitary crags.   Additionally, is world renown for the fishing, numerous rapids and fast water.  This makes for good steelhead and salmon fishing and exciting rafting and jet boating trips.

The lodge sits on the banks of the Salmon River.  The evenings bring a calmness and quietness not found anywhere but in true wilderness.   The mornings bring a new days of sun and fun exploring the wild scenic area.  This is an opportunity to experience nature at its best every day.  You won’t want to leave the beach until you jump on one of the Jet Boat and enjoy everything else the river has to offer.

Buildings:  The improvements are built on Forest Service land and are permitted for use as a fishing lodge with a maximum capacity of 12 guest.  There are two buildings;  a bunk house and a cook house.  The bunkhouse sleeps 12 guests. There is also a shower and outhouse.

River Boating Permits: 

SA6 allows for jet boating from Corn Creek to Spring Bar

SA5 allows for jet boating from Northfork to Corn Creek

SA4a allows for jet boating from for Iron Creek to Northfork

Jet boats included:

1991 Oakes Whitewater       2010 Oakes Whitewater

1999 Oakes Whitewater      1999 Salmon River Tours

Operation:  The current operator operates from March to November.  They start with some spring Steelhead trips in the spring.  In April they start the scenic tours and by June they start with the  Jet backs and ups for rafters.  In the fall the they migrate to the Steelhead fishing trips.  There are days trips and overnight trips available.  The current owner may be willing to stay on as a guide for the fishing trips for a period of time.

The operation includes a 1/5 ownership in a fueling station at corn creek, 4 jet boats, and a Ford truck, and lodge equipment. A full list can be supplied upon request.  The listing includes the business, real estate, equipment and permits (permits do have to be re-applied at the Forest Service for by a new owner).

Comments:  Looking for a business where you can enjoy the outdoors everyday and meet new and interesting people, then the Arctic Creek Lodge & Tours, is the business for you! There is room for expansion with more overnight opportunities for guests or slow it down some and offer limited services. 

Financials can be supplied to pre-qualified buyers.