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Knipe Auctions is focused on sophisticated and complex transactions offering unparalleled service for property owners. We see this service as a natural addition to the company and it will provide a more complete set of options for sellers. Our team strives to make your experience as an auction seller a pleasant one. Knipe Auctions also offer estate and farm equipment sales to make the sales process run more smoothly for our sellers.

Knipe Land auctions are hosted by Dan Mahaney, Accredited Auctioneer of Real Estate. If you have property you would like to auction, contact us today to get started!

Dan Mahaney
Accredited Auctioneer of Real Estate

Dan Mahaney is an Accredited Auctioneer of Real Estate, 1 of only 300 in the country. A full-service Auctioneer of luxury, land and commercial specialty properties since 1993, Dan’s expertise in this niche market brings with it that extra edge needed in this competitive area of real estate. Delivering both integrity and results, Dan provides individualized service to each and every client and a commitment to success for both buyers and sellers.